Create a Product Tour tools for your users

Product tour software iGuider will teach all users who do not want to read the documentation to use your app.
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Grand Features

Product tour tools iGuider is a jQuery plugin that allows showing people how to use your site: admin panel, personal account, crm system, game web projects and other complex and confusing pages.

Multi-Page Product Tour

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Waiting for element

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Multiple targets

iGuider can highlight an unlimited number of elements at the same time in one step
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Dude… you are like… my new hero !!!! Srly !!! Your code is clean… Beautiful… Your instructions are very, very, intuitive…. and easy to follow…..I had no trouble understanding or implementing (just started) the plugin….Seriously, considering documentation, code, examples, iGuider is the best plugin I ever used…. THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!!
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Explain Anything, Show Everything

A huge number of possibilities are available thanks to the competent organization of the parameter module, callback functions and methods built into the iGuider product tour javascript plugin.
Tour widget
iGuider creates a tour widget in the lower right corner of the page it is connected to. With it, you can call the tour at any time.
Highlight's shape
You can set a different shape for the selection of elements on the page. There are three selection shapes available: rectangle, circle, and rounded rectangle.
Check conditions
The tour can check the fulfillment of various conditions before proceeding to the next step.
iGuider is able to generate and track events such as "click", "submit" and others.
For each step, you can set the appropriate size for the description block and change the color and transparency of the overlap.
The block with the description is positioned automatically (37 position options), but it is also possible to specify the position manually using the parameters.
Scrolling the page
If the highlighted element is outside the visible area of the screen, iGuider will automatically scroll to that element.
You can control the running tour using the keys on the keyboard "Esc", "Enter", "left", "right".
In autopilot mode, iGuider automatically switches the steps of the tour. In this case, you can stop and resume the autopilot at any time.
An interrupted tour can be resumed from the closing point. Tour progress is saved even after page refresh.
Finding a target
To find and highlight targets on a page, you need unique CSS3 selectors. A Chrome extension has been developed for users by the plugin. With its help, you can easily and quickly get a unique selector code for any element on the page.
To localize interface elements, it is enough to connect the corresponding language file, or specify the text of the buttons manually using the localization parameters.
iGuider continues to highlight a page element even if that element is in motion.
You can change the template of the description block to customize it to suit your needs.
You can use one of four predefined tour themes: Material, Bootstrap, Neon, Relate
Tour Builder
Together with the plugin, you get a Tour Builder. This is an add-on that Enables Generate your tour initialization code in a user-friendly interface.
iGuider Adapts to different devices and screen resolutions.
Browser support
Supports brousers IE 11+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Supports operating systems "windows (7,8,10)", MacOS, iOS, Android.
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Guide Visual Editor

Product Tour Software iGuider Builder

Product Tour javascript iGuider has a convenient and friendly visual editor. With the help of this editor, any user with no programming knowledge can customize the tour at will.
The Product Tour tools Builder will generate a ready-made initialization code that will need to be inserted into your page.
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Chrome Extension

Product Tour iGuider Selector Getter

Gets an unique selector code for any element on the page. After turning on the extension, you will see the boundaries of the page elements by hovering the mouse over them. When you right-click on any element of the page, you get a unique selector code for this element. After you receive the selector code, you can paste it into the iGuider plugin initialization code.
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Frequently Asked Questions

An amazing tour of JavaScript products.

The best JavaScript tour library to help you guide users on how to use your application. It does this by adding additional information to your user interface, showing tips or text, and adding step-by-step instructions for your website's user interface and features.

There are other plugins that also allow you to create a product tour, but they all have a number of disadvantages compared to the iGuider plugin:

1. Product Tour Intro.js is free, but that's where all its advantages end, compared to it, the iGuider plugin has nicer animations, an aesthetically beautiful and more user-friendly interface, and 10 times more features. In other words, Intro.js is only suitable for a simple page and for very low quality requirements.

2. Product Tour Shepherd is another plugin available. Compared to it, the iGuider plugin is like a computer compared to calculators. Competing features of the iGuider plugin will be: multi-page, multiple goals, and really easy design customization.

3. Bootstrap Tour is Twitter Bootstrap's own development. But if you need a stable work with a multi-page interface, then you need to choose iGuider Product Tour. In addition, iGuider gives you the option to resume an interrupted tour. Tour progress is saved even after page refresh.

4. Chardin.js Product Tour is a simple overlay of instructions on existing elements. But if you need to explain the interface of a complex CRM system, then you will have to choose iGuider Product Tour. Since this plugin allows you to set any form of selection of elements on the page: a rectangle, a circle or a rectangle with rounded corners. The iGuider Tour plugin can also work in autopilot mode. In this mode, the manual switches the tour steps automatically.

5. PageGuide Product Tour is a guide for Single Page Applications based on jQuery and CSS3. Definitely a good plugin, but if you need to check the fulfillment of various conditions before moving on to the next step, then you will have to choose the Product Tour iGuider plugin. If the elements on the page appear dynamically, then only the iGuider plugin can highlight and describe these elements, so the choice is clear.

6. stonly is an interactive product tour and discovery platform. But in comparison, iGuider plugins are easier to install, easier to set up, and easier to maintain. In addition, iGuider Product Tour integrates a button widget on the page to open a list of tours. Yes, yes, exactly the list of tours, because in complex applications you can hardly limit yourself to one tour.

When you need to adapt users to your new interface and activate more customers at the first touch, when you need to stimulate discovery, deepen adoption and introduce users to useful features, when you need uncompromising design and continuous product support, you only need to choose Product Tour iGuider as a comprehensive set of tools, to guide users on their personal path to success.